Monday, January 03, 2011

Important news from Interfaith Committee on Homelessness

One of the feel good stories of 2010 was what Rolling Hills Church did to restore the Essential Health Clinic to serve people in need in Tigard and the surrounding communities. Here is the story. Read it and rejoice:

The Essential Health Clinic relies on volunteers for food, support staffing, as well as the doctors and nurses who see patients. Consider volunteering, or make a contribution. They save lives. They give people hope.

See this site for the latest update on the churches who open for the Severe Weather Shelter Program. It is important to note that these shelters do not operate alone. They are possible because other churches, businesses and individuals step up with food and volunteers in support of their efforts. In the case of my church there are five other churches who help us along with many local businesses and individuals, and Pacific University. Shelters like these are an opportunity for the community (you and me!!!) to come together to respond to homelessness, the suffering for which becomes all too plain when we have weather like we have now. People die outside when it's as cold as it is now. So in addition to offering hope and a helping hand, shelters save lives. Meet the human beings in your community who have no home of their own. They have names and stories. Volunteer at a shelter now.

Happy New Year everyone!

Eric Canon (Chair)

Interfaith Committee on Homelessness